Prepared to Play Between the Strings

19 September 2009 • William Dart, New Zealand Herald

Atoll ACD 309 • The Perilous Night (for prepared piano solo); First DeConstruction: The Perilous Night (for unpreparing piano and electronics); Portrait de Socrate (piano solo transcription); Le piège de Méduse (for paper-prepared piano); Gnossienne IV (simulated quarter-tone piano version); Bacchanale (transcribed for prepared piano duet with Sarah Watkins); Vexations (celesta version). Tzenka Dianova, piano, prepared piano, celesta

“…magnificently brooding”

“Dianova’s new CD settles upon two of the most original composers of the 20th century — the Frenchman Erik Satie and the American Cage, with their ever-questioning and distinctly waggish senses of humour. … The two Cage works on the CD are the magnificently brooding The Perilous Night and the revels-to-end-all-revels of Bacchanale, recast as a duet with Sarah Watkins. … The final track, the third of the three Satie offerings, presents a few bars of the Frenchman’s Vexations as a 14-minute chill-out on the celesta.”

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